Dream Room Therapies

Enter the Dream Room and let your worries and stresses float away

Crystal Healing

Crystals are laid on and around the body
This involves laying various crystals over and/or around a fully clothed person to help remove blockages and to rebalance all of the energy centres of the body in order to induce deep relaxation, release stress and improve health and wellbeing.

Crystal healing - 40 mins - £25
Add-on crystal treatment to any other available treatments - 20 mins - £10

Course of 6 treatments (paid up front) - £125 (a saving of £25)

Crystal healing in the heart of Maidstone

Crystals work through the transmission of energy and the adjustment of subtle vibrations. Where crystals have developed inside the earth's magnetic field for many thousands of years, they have been able to absorb, channel and emit electromagnetic energy.

Crystals can open up neural pathways and dissolve any blockages within a person's aura.